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 Introducing our new addition to our product list: GEL-PURA ™.

A high quality, NON GMO gelatin manufactured in the European Union. 

Porcine Gelatin

     Type A porcine gelatin, is a protein product derived from collagen rich pork skins. It is used as a stabilizer, thickener and binding agent.

     Our tasteless and flavorless food and medical grade gelatin is produced in HACCP, GMP and ISO certified facility that is third party audited.

- Meets USP and FCC standards and available in the following strength and granulation:

Currently Available:

  • 250 bloom 20 mesh

  • 285 bloom 50 & 20 mesh

  • Packed for processing and food-service



Gelatin is commonly used as a gelling agent in:

  • food (meat processing, dairy, desserts)

  • pharmaceutical (capsules production),

  • cosmetics (skin, hair, and nail preparations)

  • industrial applications (paper, textiles, photography)

  • animal feed and pet food.

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